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Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Dose Of Inspiration - P&Co. Blog

I had a blog post on P&Co. today! Here it is below:

I'm not a professional photographer. And I'm not here to give you some fabulous advice about F-Stops or shooting in the RAW (and frankly I don't even know what that even means! LOL). But I do take photos - and lots of them - on my phone (*gasp!), and I've found some fun ways to spruce them up for your layouts.
Obviously the internet is a wonderful place to find inspiration. And if you're a Pinterest addict like I am, there are a ton of cool ideas to make your photos shine without a lot of effort! So lets talk about using props, shadows and angles...
One major trend I've noticed this year is incorporating chalk to help tell a story. Using chalkboard props such as mini boards can be a fun way to add journaling or titles to your photos. Back-to-school photos are the perfect opportunity to do just that, by adding what grade the child will be attending. I gave chalk a try in the layout and photos below:
IMG_4311 copy  IMG_4284 v
Have a photo but no props? How about using the elements in your digi supplies to enhance the photo further. Samantha Bellerose did just that on her page. It looks like the leaves are popping out of the photo!
Why not try using your body as a prop? You can have a lot of fun using shadows to add a different perspective. This layout by Sabrina Poole (and the images blow), capture a sweet family moment in a unique way.
Hello-August-Family 119ceac6d0a614da4c665f4792b0b5f3  e47cf01cb4e808d8f80cebff85d9cea5
images found on Pinterest
But even with all the fun props or creative shadowing, just changing the angle in which you take the shot can make a big difference.
Here is another page by Sabrina Poole where her daughter took some selfies (cute!) from below - at her level. Even though the photos are off centre and slighly blurry, they tell a story and make this the perfect candid moment.
Here is layout created by Tori Lynn. The photo was captured on the same level as the subject. By doing this it allows the moment to seem much more intimate.
Natashya Bay chose to shoot the photo of her horse in a non-traditional way - which really captures the horses spirit.
Sometimes we don't even need to see the faces of our subjects to feel an emotion. In this layout by Dawn Farias, you can feel the genuine connection between these two children by the angle she has chosen.
And then of course, shooting at different angles can just be plain fun! :) My daughter had a wonderful time helping me draw and pose for these photos.
simply you_JenP
IMG_4181 v IMG_4129v
Well that's it! I hope I sparked some inspiration for you today. Thanks for visiting!
Happy Scrapping!