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Thursday, January 9, 2014

One Template - Three Ways!

One Template – Three Ways!

P&Co. Blog Post for January 8th, 2014:

I’ll admit it, I’m a template addict. I love how the basic design is started for me! Sometimes when I’m creating a layout, my biggest anxiety is having to start from scratch. So I often stalk the store looking for the perfect template to help get me started. Sometimes a template will jump out at me right away, and at times only part of the design will inspire me and I end up tweaking it a bit as I go. Whether you leave the template ‘as is’ or alter it in some way is totally fine.
Occasionally, I’ll even go back to a template and use it multiple times! What a great way to get the most of your purchase – and you’d be amazed how different the same template can look by just changing it a little and/or adding different patterns and colors!
I recently used Scotty Girl Design’s Paper Stacks set. I loved the versatility of template no. 3 so much I used it three times! The clean lines and design made this the perfect template to play with. Check out below what I did with it!
Arrow brushes by Wild Blueberry Ink

Template #1 
This first example is keeping the template style ‘as is’. Just add photos, papers and journaling! In this case I even used patterns from the same kit – which made scrapbooking this layout a breeze.
 you at 3_JenP
This Year Collection and Paper Stacks by Scotty Girl Designs

 Template # 2
With the same template (no. 3),  I rotated it and reduced the size. This template style uses more white space which creates a wonderful simple design. But best of all, look how different the template looks from the one above! How fun!
one moment_Jen P
Daily Routine and One Moment Collections by Sabrina Creations

Template # 3
I went to town on this one! :)  I rotated and expanded the template to fit to the edges of the page. Then I took the wonky strips and duplicated them again to the other side of the photo block (I used the second photo block as a patterned mat behind the photo. This template is completly different looking, yet it came from the original template (no. 3)! Sometimes it’s okay to experiement with different looks! You might be surprised what can be created from a good base. Plus there is always the undo button if you don’t like the way it’s going! No pressure, just play!
doctor isla_JenP
 Dude Collection by Robyn Meierotto, quotes by Sabrina Creations and More Cowbell by Gennifer Bursett

Another fun thing you can do is steal elements or styles from other templates! I’ve done that quite a few times when playing with templates. The next layout incorporates two templates from Karla Dudley’s Jack Template set. I loved the design of the one on the left, but preferred the title from another – so I used them both! ;)
blog example
Besides using  a title from a different template, I also reduced the size of the template on the left a little.  Here is the finished result!
 Jack and Noted Collection by Karla Dudley, Flair by WBI and Smears from Mye De Leon

I hope this has inspired you in some way to look at templates differently. There are so many possibilities, so have fun and keep documenting those important memories!
Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Project Life 2014!

I'm starting my third year using Project Life* style albums! I'm so excited. I decided to go with a different template style this year - using Sabrina's Creations Document Life - and make my background a lighter colour. Here are my first two pages using products from Splendid Finns! Please click on images for additional credits from P&Co..

I didn't document much last year as far as my Project Life layouts go, but hopefully I will show you more from this year. Stay Tuned!

*note: Project Life is a daily/weekly/monthly document style of scrabooking originally created from Becky Higgins.

Happy Scrapping!