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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Journal it! Creative ideas for your Layouts 

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I know when I scrapbook, sometimes my journaling takes a back seat to the designing process.  So today I hope to bring some life back into your pages, by giving you some creative ideas on  effectively using journaling on your layouts. I know, some of you may be moaning right now because the mere thought of trying to commit meaningful words to paper is a daunting perhaps intimidating task. No fear. We are going to take baby steps until you feel more confident in your ability to record your special moments.
So lets start off simple…
Remember, not all layouts need a novel to convey an emotion or explain an event. And let’s face it, sometimes you may not feel like journaling, but still want to put ‘something’ down! A list can be a fun way to record your memories without the fuss about what to say.  Using a list can become  a visual, pleasing way to add journaling and instantly get the message across without using too many words.
* It effectively tells a story without overwhelming the page with words
* It is pleasing to the eye and allows you to create a unique look to your page
* It becomes a perfect solution to those who tend to leave blank spots with the ‘intention’ of writing something (guilty!)
* It highlights and summarizes our favourite moments

Here is my take on the list journaling. I wanted to highlight my daughter’s favorite moments when she turned four years old.
you @ 4_JenP
I also did this type of format for when she had turned three… :)
 you at 3_JenP
 Easy peasy right? Are you feeling a little less anxious now? Well, if not here are a few more examples from some of our very talented P&Co. CT members to get the juices flowing… :)

In Arielle Gordon’s layout ‘About Me,” she used a list to give readers an in-depth look of her favorite things as well. We get a lot of personal info without overwhelming the page with words.

In a layout from Carey Bridges, ‘Summer Bucket List’, she chose to put her list on a journaling card!

There are times I really want to write something meaningful but it ends up falling flat. That is why I have a secret weapon I use when I need to find the ‘perfect’ saying to capture the moment – song lyrics! Think about it, you have thousands of poetic and witty words at your disposal!

Wendy Christensen did just that with her layout ‘True Colors’.
wm_normal_true-colors-web (1)
Lyrics are fun to read on a page and can describe a person and/or event in ways you may have never thought before! Often times they have a rhythmic feel to them, which can be a great way to mix it up on your page.

Now if you really want to personalize your layouts, try using direct quotes or capture a conversation of a loved one.  Many times my daughter will say something really cute but then I’ll  forget exactly what she said later – it’s frustrating! But this way by recording the conversation or silly quotes on a layout,  it will become something you’ll remember forever. The best way to do it is to keep a little notebook in your purse or close by and when your loved one says something memorable just quickly write it down with the date. That way when you need a tidbit of journaling on a layout it will be there for you.

I captured some funny things my daughter said recently with this layout – ‘Silly’.

Wendy Christensen also created a layout to remember her son’s funny quotes in ‘May I Quote You?’

Capturing a conversation on a layout is also a fun, unique way of  journaling. I did this on my ‘Monster Squad’ Layout.
monster patrol_JenP

Another way to personalize your journaling is to set up a mini interview to get the words flowing. Just as before, record those answers  in that little notebook you have so it’s ready when you need it. Just add a photo or two when the time comes and your good to go! For these types of layouts, feel free to use general head shots or random photos you may want to scrapbook but don’t necessarily have a theme.
My daughter recently turned four, so I thought it would be fun to ask her 20 questions and see what her answers would be.  Then every year I can ask her the same questions and see how it changes over the years! (*original interview questions can be found on Parker Reaves blog.)
20 questions_JenP

Jennifer Flagerty asked her loved ones what their favorite memories were (of their day at the park) in a Q&A format!
hershey-copy (1)

Okay folks, let’s explore our sentiments on a deeper level. If you want to successfully journal authentically, keep it real and be sure to add  in the details. Remembering to include important  memories is a key factor to putting your thoughts on paper. But there are ways to go about it that puts a little less stress on the process. So take a  deep breath, and let’s break it down with some fabulous examples.
When you are ready to gather your thoughts, grab a notebook and write them down. Just start writing immediately and do not pause to correct grammar or spelling, as this will just slow down your thought process.  Jot down all the details you can think of – and I mean really break it down:  random thoughts, memories, location, emotions, even smells – anything that was important during that experience.  Once you are ready to commit to paper please realize that it does NOT have to be perfect! You are writing down these memories for your loved ones and friends, so if there is the odd grammer imperfection – who cares! The most important thing is that you captured the moment and these layouts will be enjoyed for years to come. A recorded ‘imperfect’ journaling segment is better than no journaling at all – especially if it is an important event.
Strong emotions is another way to really put your heart and soul into a layout – especially when it’s an important experience, good or bad.

Celeste Smith journaled with strong emotions in ‘Progress’ on how she’s dealing with a health issue.

I also tried to add emotion into a layout I made regarding the love and appreciation I have for my daughter.
be happy mom_JenP

So there you have it. I really hope you have found some helpful new ways to journal your journey. Everyone has a story and it’s so important to tell it so others can keep the history and memories alive for years to come. To recap, you can take a fun approach by using listssong lyricsconversationsquotes, and interviews – or go deeper by capturing details from strong emotions! Any of these approaches will enhance your layout and give it a personal touch.
Happy Scrapping!