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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fun Stuff from Mye De Leon!

I'm so excited to be part of Mye's CT! I love her products - always so vibrant and fun. Here are a few layouts I finished in July/August  - Including her new Kit - Piazza Collection! See her SHOP for details:

Piazza Collection and Minted Template:

July Freebie Template:

Beat the Heat:

Here is Happy and Minted Template:

Here's Mye's new What We Learn Kit as well - great for back to school layouts!

I'm going waaay back to  2008 and attempting to do a pregnancy PL album. Here's my first page using mostly the What we Learn kit and a few other misc. ones such as Unscripted, Hopscotch and Childhood cards). Template by Sabrina's Creations.

One using Sommerset, Frolic Smear and You Charmer template:

And lastly, here's a fun one using some of Mye's other kits such as Blush, Beginnings, About a Boy (solid), Live/Laugh/Love mini kit.  Template by Deena Rutter

Happy Scrapping!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Recent Layouts by Splendid Fiins!

Here are some yummies for you from Splendid Fiins - hopefully to inspire you!

Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

P&Co. Blog Post (July 5th) - Breaking From 'Weekly' Mode

Of course the biggest attraction to any type of 'Project Life', 365 daily is documenting each week/month of the year. But sometimes I find when I'm doing a weekly layout, I become stressed trying to cram the bigger moments in with the rest of the everyday. So that got me thinking, why not just showcase them on a separate page? After all, it's MY album, I don't have to follow any set rule on creating only  weekly pages.
Here is an example of a page I just finished - documenting a book signing of my favourite Author. I started off trying to fit it all into a 4x6 and 3x4 pocket and was so frustrated. I had an itch to add more and didn't want to stifle the memory. So if you get an itch to keep playing with your photos, feel free to expand on it!
PL Diana GJenP
I thought it was fun to add Audrey Neal's time stamps to represent the entire day. So I was excited to find a similar PL layout in the P&Co. Pocket Gallery documenting a day-in-the-life by GiadaR.
GiadaR-Day_in_the_life-May (1)
Another fun idea outside of your 'weekly' layouts could be focusing on everyday recurrences. My daughter draws all the time. Sometimes I add her doodles within a weekly layout, but occasionally they become overwhelming! So last year I dedicated a page to them all. This way I can remember them forever. :)
Pockets by Karla Dudley
Here I featured some of my favourite T.V. shows that I 'binge watched' this year (some for a second round! LOL).
PL tv JenP
Then there here are times I want a little extra breathing room, but don't need to commit to an entire page. Inserts are a fun way to add some flair to your album as well. Inserts can come in different sizes, but for my album I used a couple of 6x12 ones:
PL dad insert Jen P       PL quote insert_JenP
In traditional scrapbooking a pocket sleeve is used, however in a digital album (that is printed) it is done a little differently. When the album is printed, it will still print the entire page (showing in white). Cut along the edge of your insert (getting rid of the white space) and add a tab (such as washi tape!) to the side for easy flipping. Be sure to do another insert (in same size) for the page behind as well. I haven't actually finished my printed album to be able to show you this, but I did find an example of one from the blog 'Family Bees' (shown below):
family bees
courtesy of familybees.blogspot
I hope you enjoyed this little bit of inspiration! Remember to keep scrapping those weeks, but if you find some weeks are crazy and filled with too many memories, feel free to expand the week out a bit! I give you permission! :)
I had a lot of fun with my Binge-Watching layout. I made a little filler card for it and thought I'd share it with other fellow addicts like me who may want to document this as well (or just include it in your weekly layouts).
Binge Watching Cardblog
Just click the link to my blog Scrap Tales to download! Enjoy.

Happy Scrapping!