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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project Life - I'm taking the plunge!

Well I gave it a go last year and I only made it to week 3 before quitting. But I decided to take the plunge after seeing all the fabulous Project Life goodies floating around. Becky Higgins first got my attention with her amazing products from Jessica Sprague. During week two I discovered Splendid Finns fabulous journaling card collections (coming next week!). Design House Digital also has many designers (such as Karla Dudley and Robyn Meierotto) also creating many greats products that can be used for Project Life!

What is project life? Well, it can be many things. You can make a double page spread every week documenting what you did - and can be as simple or complex as you'd like! It's a great way to record the simple things in life. Moments that you want to remember but may not have scrapped otherwise. For now, I've decided to just do a single page for each week, but allowing myself doubles if I have a crazy busy week. Don't have time? Just do a layout or two a month! So here are my layouts for the month of January. I'll start off with my title page for the album. (note: click on image for credits and sharper image).

So jump in and try it out! Make it as simple as you'd like. I started with Becky Higgins Templates and added Karla Dudley's Pocket Protectors to each template. I'll probably stick to two or three templates all year to make it simple. I saved the original template with the protectors so I can just add the photos and cards each week. Less time consuming!


Happy Scrapping!


kym said...

Wow Jen! When you said take a plunge, you went head first inti the deep end. These pages are fabulous! We need to support one another to make it the whole year. So far I only got week one done.