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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hybrid Christmas Light Covers Tutorial

Hybrid Light Covers – 20 Days of Christmas

December is here and it’s time to decorate!
I hope you are feeling festive today because I have a really fun way to decorate your indoor lights! We will be creating Christmas Light Covers! I originally saw the idea for a Halloween theme on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect to use for Christmas as well!
So here we go! It’s really easy! The first thing you need to do is pick a bold colored Christmas kit – I chose Shannon Hegartys’s Peppermint Papers from Design House Digital because, well,  they looked so yummy!
Additional supplies:
*small paper cups (I used dixie-type cups)
* a string of Christmas lights
* craft knife
* scissors
* black marker
* double sided adhesive
I used PSE 7 for this tutorial.  So here’s what you do:
Choose three different patterns from your paper stash.
Open a letter size document (8.5×11) and drag the first pattern to it.
Save as a .JPG and print the  image.
Repeat above for the other two patterns.
You should have three sheets printed. This will make 12 cup covers.  If you would like a longer strand of 24, then print out three more sheets.
Take one of the small cups and very carefully peel it apart. Start with the rim at the top and uncurl it and then carefully rip the seam. You should have a nice curved template of the side of the cup. Discard the bottom piece. See photo below.
By tracing your template close together on the back of each sheet you should be able to trace four cup covers.
Cut out each one using scissors.
Each cover will fit very snuggly around the paper cup. Use strong double sided adhesive to seal.
Now slice a tiny X on the bottom of each cup using a sharp craft knife.  This will allow you to feed the light bulb through the cup cover so don’t make the X too big as you want a snug fit.
Now just string up your adorable light covers on a window or fire place mantel!
*frame from Shannon Hegarty and elements from Lori Whitlock

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! To see more Hybrid Christmas ideas visit the DHD Blog! Have a Merry Christmas!