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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lookie' what I made!

Isla has a new play table! I don't do many DIY projects but this one looked so easy, I had to give it a try! So I made her a cute little chalk board table this weekend and I'm gonna share it with you. The original idea came from another blog:  if you want to check it out - it's fabulous!

So here is a photo of the before table. It's the LATT table and two chairs from Ikea. It the best part is it only cost $25 for the set!

And here's the after! I spray painted the table and chair pieces with Auqa Satin Rust-olium spay paint and let dry. I then applied some chalkboard paint (from Home Depot) to the table top and let dry overnight. I assembled all the pieces and covered a couple of foam squares to make little pillow tops and voila! An adorable table set for under $50

Hopefully Isla will get some use out of it for many years to come!

I have tons of chalkboard paint left over for future projects, so I decided to paint the panels of my kitchen cupboards as well so I can write random thoughts, grocery lists or love notes to hubby. :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Jennifer V said...

what an amazing craft - both the table and the cabinets. I love it!

Gennifer said...

So adorable! :)

Christy said...

super cute! I love DIY furniture projects and you did a great job!

Arielle ~ SnappyStamper said...

Great job! Now I wanna make one, too - LOL!